Used Cars in Illinois

Used Cars for Sale in Illinois

If you are someone who has been looking for a reliable, affordable used car then you may be interested in our array of vehicles at Hertz Car Sales locations throughout Illinois. With their dependable capabilities on the road and their enticing price tags these used models can provide you with the kind of experience you deserve to have on the road. On top of that, all of these models are Hertz Certified. This means that they have been inspected rigorously to ensure they hold up to manufacturer's standards of quality and safety. Furthermore, you can choose a Vehicle Protection Plan to further protect your investment! If you want to learn more about our used inventory visit us at a Hertz Car Sales locations throughout Illinois. Whether you're looking for something affordable and efficient, a hybrid or used electric vehicle, a truck or an SUV, you have come to the right place. Our team is here to assist you with all of your driving needs!

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Hertz Rent2Buy Cars for Sale in IL

We know how important it is to test drive a vehicle before you buy it; after all, you want to be sure it is just right for you before you put your money down. With Hertz Rent2Buy vehicles you get unprecedented access to a vehicle of your choosing before you buy it! In fact, you can bring home a Hertz Rent2Buy car for three days before you choose to purchase it! If, after the three days, you want to buy the model you can choose to do so; there is no pressure to purchase the car, though. Visit a Hertz Car Sales location in Illinois that is closest to you and we will help you find a vehicle that is right for you!

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