Katzkin Leather

You can get it with leather.

In love with a vehicle, but not its cloth seats? A high-quality leather interior is possible thanks to Katzkin.

Katzkin FAQ.

Everything you need to know about replacing your cloth interior with Katzkin leather.

For vehicles without heated seats:

  • $1,445 (1 row)
  • $1,595 (2 rows)
  • $1,920 (3 rows)

For vehicles with heated seats:

  • $1,845 (1 row)
  • $1,995 (2 rows)
  • $2,320 (3 rows)

The cost can be financed at the time of vehicle purchase.

No. The existing cloth material is removed and replaced with Katzkin leather over the foam and frame.

Only consoles and door panels that are covered in cloth will be upgraded to Katzkin leather. If consoles and door panels are plastic, they will not be covered.

Leather upgrades are factory matched to the color of the lower plastic seat surrounds.

Yes. Seat heaters are available for the front row seats only.

Seat heater buttons are generally mounted to the lower outer side of the front seats.

Yes. The number of rows selected in Order Entry should mirror the number of seating rows in the vehicle. Not upgrading each seating row will have a negative impact on the vehicle's resale value.

No. Katzkin leather upgrades are tested and certified not to interfere with the operation of vehicle safety features.

Installations are scheduled to occur 7 days after the purchase. Scheduled installations take one business day in most cases and are returned by 5 pm the day after drop-off.

Katzkin has a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty from the date of installation.

Upgrade from cloth.

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An affordable upgrade.

The cost of Katzkin leather can be financed at the time of your vehicle purchase.

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