Used Cars in Maryland

Used Cars for Sale in Maryland

Finding a reliable used car can be a difficult prospect. Not only do you have to do extra research (both on the make and model you want and on the condition of the vehicle) you also have to go through the usual rigors of the purchasing process to acquire that car. Wouldn't it be nice if buying a used car was easy? At our Hertz Car Sales locations you can find a wide variety of used cars, trucks, SUVs, hybrid and electric cars, all of which have gone through a rigorous process to ensure their quality and their safety on the road. Additionally, our no haggle pricing ensures that the price you see on a car is the price you pay - this makes buying a car that much more efficient and straightforward. Visit our Hertz Car Sales locations in Maryland to learn more!

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Discover the Rent2Buy Program at Hertz Car Sales in Maryland

Are you a Maryland driver who's ready for your next vehicle? Choosing to shop at any Hertz Car Sales location in your home state is a great way to go for a number of reasons, but it's our Rent2Buy program offered for Maryland shoppers that will really provide a boost in confidence. This program allows you to really get to know your potential purchase, testing it for comfort, drivability, features and performance levels, which a general, routine test drive really can't offer. Better yet, you'll find incredible deals at the Hertz Car Sales location in Baltimore and any new stores that may pop up in Maryland, so visit today and get started.

How does the Rent2Buy program work at Maryland's Hertz Car Sales store? It's easy, as you'll select a used car, truck or SUV that interests you, and take a three-day "test drive" with special rental rates. That allows you to really put your potential purchase to the test, across a few days of driving in all different situations around Maryland, with the kinds of trips you'd expect to normally take. If you decide to purchase the vehicle you're trying out, we'll waive that rental fee, and chances are we can help you complete your purchase online from the comfort of your home without coming in to sign off on paperwork, which you'll send in via the mail instead.

Of course if you don't need three days to make a firm commitment, we also offer 2-hour complimentary test drives, which still give you more time with a potential purchase than a normal test drive would. And thanks to easy financing and great, no-haggle low prices, shopping with Hertz Car Sales in Maryland is more affordable and simpler than ever.

Discover the unique Rent2Buy program at Hertz Car Sales in Maryland by visiting our Baltimore location today.