Road Hazard Tire & Wheel

Perfect solution for imperfect roads.

Road Hazard Tire & Wheel Protection repairs or replaces tires damaged by road hazards, including debris on the road surface or poor road surface conditions. The plan also provides for the replacement of wheels only when or if the wheel cannot be balanced, will not hold air, or the damage has affected the structural integrity of the wheel.

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Plan features.

  • Up to $200 for each tire and up to $200 for each wheel replacement; $40 per repair limit.
  • $1,200 lifetime maximum for the duration of the contract.

For the worst-case scenario.

Consider gap insurance for your Hertz used car. This covers the difference between what you still owe on your car loan and what the insurance provider pays out if your vehicle is stolen or deemed a total loss.

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Keep it running smoothly.

Consider a pre-paid maintenance plan for your Hertz used car. The plan we offer helps you stay on track with vehicle service based on the manufacturer's guidelines.

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Ensure your car's best appearance.

Repair, restore, and renew your Hertz used car's exterior to its top condition with a Ding Shield Service Plan.

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